Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Europe Trip 2012

After 3 and a half years I have FINALLY started the photography blog that I have promised myself that I would create (and keep up).  I will be filling it up with photos from sessions, photography tips and tricks, and some personal tidbits.  


To kick things off, I'll start with my current photo endeavor.  Going through and processing the hundreds of photos from my recent trip to Europe.  My parents and I went to visit my family in Slovakia this August, and while we were there, we took a "road trip" through Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Italy. Side note: my parents moved to the US after fleeing the then communist Czechoslovakia after getting married in 1969.  All of my relatives currently live there.  We hit a whopping 18 cities in 11 days!  Exhausting, but worth every bag under my eye.  Here are some highlights....

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