Monday, April 15, 2013

Ohhhh-kaaaay! {Houston, TX Family Photographer}

I keep hearing his sweet little voice in response to my many (many, many) requests to do things for me for the photos.  And he always very obediently and willingly (but probably with a touch of annoyance from my multitude of requests) would endearingly say "Ohhhh-kaaaay".  He was so into his airplane and wagon, you can just see the determination on his face as he pushes or pulls them along.  I love this age, when kids are so real and natural.  You can capture the most unexpected things from their pure candidness.  And the colors, oh my how I love these colors.  Mom did such a wonderful job coordinating it all.  Just fabulous!

And I had to get this shot in of their wonderful shoes!  LOVE!!

And a little behind the scenes shots thanks to mom :) Me bringing the little man back to the "scene" ;)